Lingmoor Fell

Lingmoor is a relatively lowly Lakeland fell, but it punches well above its weight in terms of the views it provides of the chief glories of Great and Little Langdale!
The starting point for this outing was the NT car park at Blea Tarn, and, following Mark Richards’ advice in the section on this fell in his Mid-Western Fells (Cicerone), from there along the road towards Little Langdale until just before its junction with the Wrynose Pass road, in order to link up eventually with the main path to the summit ridge from within Little Langdale itself.
This route provides excellent early views of Little Langdale Tarn and the splendid ‘cirque’ of fells that ring the head of the dale. But, as my companion Jim Mercer (only too quickly!) pointed out, it also involves starting off the walk in a downwards direction. However, he cheered up somewhat shortly afterwards when he realised, on further reflection, thence also lay the location of the Three Shires Inn!
Anyway, we next departed the road to follow a path that contours along the fell side, until eventually we turned sharply to the left for a steep but short pull up to the pike’s long, undulating summit ridge. It should be added that the choice of direction at this point was made more straightforward than it might otherwise have been because the opposite, right hand turn, towards the pub, had a ‘Keep Out’ sign on it, no doubt to encourage the likes of us to remain on the straight and narrow. Thus were Jim’s hopes of a continuing downhill excursion to the Three Shires unfortunately dashed, but sometimes - often, in fact! - the intrepid fell-walker has to accept that ‘to travel hopefully is better than to arrive’!
Anyway, eventually managing to somehow recover from this disappointment, and after lunch on the ridge, we strolled on to the summit proper, and from there, with ever-improving views of the snow-capped Great Langdale Pikes, further on and down towards Side Pike. On arriving just below the latter’s summit area, we unfortunately lacked enough light for a re-acquaintance with its ‘Fat Man’s Squeeze’ (a narrow gap between a rock and the cliff face - see photo below from another walk earlier this year) and a saunter from it to the summit, and so we just went on down from beside it, back on to the road, and then to the car park again. Just as well, however, since being near the Squeeze prompted Jim to remember our previous visit to it, and this resulted in a further embroidering of a largely apocryphal tale from that occasion concerning an imagined insult conveyed by yours truly to a walker of substantial proportions who had apparently just emerged from the Squeeze’s rocky embrace!
However, as usual, such imprecations notwithstanding, this walk as a whole provided a great day out in great company, with first-rate views of a grand range of neighbouring fells, all for the price of relatively little effort or complaint!
Highest point (Lingmoor Fell): 1542 ft./470 m. Distance: 4.3 miles/ 6.9 km. Ascent: 1194 ft./ 364 m.)

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