Nethermost Pike via Ruthwaite Cove

This walk was the fourth this year in a series working gradually further north along the western side of Patterdale. In this way, the spectacular rock faces of Dove and Hart Crags, Fairfield and the southern part of the Helvellyn massif can be seen to best advantage, and taken together, form a series of peaks which it is hard to rival anywhere in the Lake District (especially when the complementary beauty of Brothers Water and Ullswater is added into the equation).
The route was along the south side of Grisedale to Ruthwaite Lodge, then, from just after it, up to Ruthwaite Cove, over to Hard Tarn, followed by a traverse to the east ridge of Nethermost Pike, and thence (via an exhilarating short arête) to the summit. Descent was along the rim of Ruthwaite and Cock Coves to Dollywagon Pike, and then down via the old pony route to Grisedale Tarn, along the northern side of Grisedale, and, finally, after a brief diversion to Lanty’s Tarn, back to the start.
Weather not always of the best, but very good views in Ruthwaite Cove, then of Striding Edge, the cliffs and rock formations round to Dollywagon Pike, and, finally, the steady succession of fine panoramas yielded at all stages along the Grisedale paths. Distance: 11 miles/17.7 km; height: 3202 ft./976m.

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