Nethermost Pike

This walk marked my completion of the trio of main ascents up the southern outliers of the Helvellyn massif that are possible from the farther reaches of Grisedale, namely Dollywagon Pike via Ruthwaite Cove, Nethermost Pike via Ruthwaite Cove and the subject of this outing, Nethermost Pike via Nethermost Cove. Wainwright describes this one as ‘a steep enjoyable scramble’: I would say the ‘enjoyable’ part depends rather on your fitness. However, for solitude, all three of these routes are hard to beat: very few are foolish enough to attempt these ascents - I have never seen another soul on any of them! And spectacular, dramatic rock scenery abounds on all of them.
The route was from Glenridding, via Lanty’s Tarn, then along the north side of Grisedale to just before Nethermost Beck, up to Nethermost Cove, over the to start of the East Ridge of the pike and thence (via a short arête) to the summit. Descent was along the rim of Ruthwaite and Cock Coves to Dollywagon Pike, and then down via the old pony route to Grisedale Tarn, with the last part along the entire length of Grisedale.
Clear panoramas of the Dollywagon and Nethermost Pikes on way towards start of ascent, though rather cloudier (and colder and windier) thereafter, but a great day in very spectacular high-level rocky scenery nevertheless!
Highest point: Nethermost Pike: 2920 ft./890m. Distance: 9.73 miles/15.7 km; height: 3190 ft./972m.

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