Red Screes

This walk completed what was for me the main final part of the ‘jigsaw’ of the Patterdale fells, i.e., the Red Screes massif. The ascent was straight up the ‘prow’ of High Hartsop Dodd. Despite its steepness, it is a little less so than Middle Dodd, which was in this way available as the line of descent, without going over the same ground twice. The other advantage of a route such as this is that the main ‘work’ is out of the way right at the beginning.
The walk went on from the summit of High Hartsop Dodd to Little Hart Crag, Scandale Pass, and thence up to Red Screes summit. Weather middling, but much of walk a very fine source of views nevertheless, especially from the main summit.
(Highest point: 2549 ft/ 777 m. Distance: 6.29 miles/10.1 km. Ascent: 2579 ft./786 m.)

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