Robinson & Hindscarth

Robinson and Hindscarth form a fine “horseshoe” at the head of Littledale, a fork in the Newlands Valley (near Keswick), and on this occasion both afforded excellent views of the Coledale fells to the west and, to the east, those of the better-known, “true” Newlands Horseshoe (i.e., the one that goes via Dale Head), as well as of the splendid Newlands vale itself. There were also extensive panoramas from the summits of the main peaks to the south, such as those of the Buttermere area, the Gables, and the Scafell massif.
The route departs from and ends near Newlands Church, simple but graceful, a perfect complement to its rugged surroundings. Robinson was tackled first, due to a preference for encountering its three “steps” on ascent rather than descent. Both fells have good paths throughout, as well as fine ridge routes for much of the way, especially on Hindscarth.
Weather initially somewhat overcast, but much better later - all in all, an excellent late autumn round! (Highest peak (Robinson): 2417ft/737m; distance: 7.05 miles/11.3 km; height: 2607 ft./795m.)

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