Scafell via Eskdale

The primary aim of this walk was to make a reconnaissance of the area as a preparation for what will hopefully be a number of further visits. Thus, although the weather was not brilliant, it served the purpose in hand. Ascent was from Brotherilkeld Farm in Eskdale, up from there by the eastern side of the Esk to Lingcove Bridge, then along the paths by Esk Falls, across Great Moss plain, up Cam Spout Crag waterfalls and Foxes Tarn Gully and so to the summit. Back down via Slight Side and above the western side of the Esk. The recent heavy rain made a spectacular sight of the river and all the falls, though the going was therefore also often boggy and slippery. In addition, the cloud did not rise above around the 2,500 ft./762 m. level, and so anyone hoping for photos of the panorama from the upper heights should click on the link here. Distance: 14.9km/9.24 miles; height: 1019m/3342 ft.

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