Silver How

The was the first walk of the year, delayed till mid-January because of the rainy, overcast weather earlier on, but well worth waiting for! The very snowy conditions and plentiful sunlight provided some spectacular sights, especially, once the ‘plateau’ near the summit was reached, of both the Little and Great Langdale fells.
Ascent was from Grasmere via Allen Bank and then up through the belt of juniper bushed soon reached after it to the Lang How area. After admiring the wonderful views here, on to the summit, and then back down from there to the path that goes first south and west until it meets up finally with Redbank Road. Hopefully a great foretaste of many further delights to be relished throughout the remainder of the year!
Highest point (Silver How): 1296 ft./395 m. Distance: 3.8 miles/6.2 km. Ascent: 1282 ft./ 390 m.

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