Yoke & Ill Bell

‘Expect a fine and dry day’! So promised the Lake District National Park weather forecast the day before this walk. Well, if what transpired was supposed to be an example of a ‘fine and dry day’, it’s hard to imagine what the conditions would have been like if the forecast had been for a ‘cloudy and wet’ one!! Far more appropriate would have been for the forecast to say ‘Expect to be disappointed!’. I met many another disgruntled fellow walker on this outing who also felt like ‘asking for their money back’!
Anyway, enough whinging - at least it was more-or-less a day out, and relatively dry till the last hour, something of a miracle in this year’s non-summer. The route began at the junction of the Moorhowe Road (the one that goes from Ings toTroutbeck) and the Dubbs Reservoir Road. The latter eventually joins the old Garburn Road (once the principal ‘carraigeway’ between Kentmere and Troutbeck, hard as it may be to imagine nowadays, given its very rough and ready condition). From Garburn Nook I followed the obvious path that bears left to Yoke summit, and then went on from there (by an equally obvious route) to Ill Bell summit. At this point, because Froswick, the third peak of the Troutbeck trio, was fog-bound, and looked doomed to remain so for the remainder of the day, I turned round and retraced my steps, apart from a brief excursion to the east of Yoke summit on to the top of Rainsborrow Crag, where the views down into upper Kentmere were reasonable, even in the overcast conditions (and would be very good on a ‘fine and dry day’!!).
All in all, this walk affords easy access to the point where the Garburn Road joins the main Yoke path, and, of course, had the conditions been better, would have also provided excellent views up Troutbeck, from the summits of its three main fells and down into Kentmere. As it was, the photos below can only hint as these joys on this occasion, unfortunately, but hopefully better than nothing!
Highest point (Yoke): 2476 ft./ 755 m. Distance: 10. 4 miles/ 16.8 km. Ascent: 2319 ft./ 707 m.

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