An Easedale Round

This Easedale ‘horseshoe’ made a very pleasant outing after a few weeks of enforced abstinence, due to long overdue boot repairs! Ascent was from near Lancrigg, along Far Easedale to Stythwaite Steps, then up the ‘prow’ of Tarn Crag to its summit, down to Codale Tarn for a lunch break, then on via Belles Knott up to near Blea Crag, back from there along Langdale Common till, finally, descent back to Easedale via Swinescar Hause.
Although not singled out by the guidebook writers as of the first rank, this round nevertheless offers i) relative solitude, ii) fine views of Easedale Tarn from Tarn Crag and Belles Knott, iii) a dramatic panorama of the eastern Langdale Pikes and Stickle Tarn from the Blea Crag area, and iv), from the same vicinity, the not-to-be-sniffed-at perspective of Codale and Easedale Tarns ‘stacked’ one above the other on their respective mountain ‘shelves’. The day was made even better by the excellent company of Jim Mercer, who is helping me compile a guide book to such frequently ‘off-piste’ excursions as this one, which he has entitled ‘Herdwick Walks’!
(Highest point: Tarn Crag 1804 ft/ 550 m; ascent 2353 ft/ 717 m; distance: 6.42 miles/ 10.3 km.)

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