Of this walk Wainwright says, 'For sustained interest, impressive crag scenery, beautiful views, and a most delightful arrangement of tarns and rocky peaks, this short mountain excursion ranks with the very best'.  These are sentiments with which I wholeheartedly agree!

Ascent was from Gatesgarth via Warnscale Bottom, then up from there along the zig-zagging path to the right of Warnscale Beck.  Near the end of this stage I came across the well-maintained and very scenically-sited Warnscale Climbers' Bothy.  Then on from there to meet the main east-west path from Dubs Quarry to the summit, via near Blackbeck and alongside Innominate Tarn.  Descent was via the 'tourist' route, i.e., firstly down the series of rocky steps leading to Scarth Gap, and then from there back down once again to Gatesgarth.

Great views all the way, firstly - and in increasing 'close up' - of the very scenic wall of crags that tops the north face of the mountain, as well as all the while back down and along the Buttermere valley;  then, secondly, once the summit path was broached, of Great Gable, Kirk Fell and Pillar to the south, down Ennerdale to the west, as well as towards the very steep south-east 'prow' of High Crag.  The descent also gave very pleasing further vistas towards Buttermere and Crummock Water, of Fleetwith Pike, and back towards Haystacks itself.  Hard to beat such a magical combination of views, especially in such a small area - great 'medicine'!

Highest point (Haystacks): 2962 ft./ 598 m. Distance: 4 miles/ 6.5 km. Ascent: 1600 ft./ 488 m.

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