Levers Water Skyline

This walk would be more aptly named 'Levers Water Cloud-line', since, despite the weather forecast (and for far from the first time) the promised sunshine never materialised, the cloud remaining resolutely down the whole way round at about the 1,500 ft. /460m mark.   I have therefore taken the liberty to brighten up the scene somewhat by recycling some photos taken from sunnier times for the part of the walk beyond where I entered the cloud.

The route involved a circumambulation of the very fine range of fells that tower above the Levers Water reservoir in the Coniston-Wetherlam 'massif', i.e., Black Sails, Swirl How, Great How Crags, Brim Fell and the Old Man himself.  The starting point was Walna Scar car-park, on from there by the occasionally precipitous path that contours above Coppermines Valley to the mouth of Levers Water.  From there, rather than following the low-level route to Swirl Hause, I took the high-level option up to Kennel Crag, and thence along to and over the succession of ever-rising fells to Black Sails.  Although I entered the cloud quite soon after starting on this part of the walk, the path throughout was never in doubt, and judging by the brief opportunity I had to peer down into Levers Water, it is a route well worth taking again in sunnier weather.  

From Black Sails down to Swirl Hause, up the Prison Brand to Swirl How, then to Great How Crags, down to Levers Hause, up to Brim Fell, onwards to the Old Man and then back down by the steep eastern path above Small Water.

(Distance:  7.3 miles/11.7 km.  Ascent:  2934 ft./894 m.  Highest point (Coniston Old Man):  2635 ft./803m.)

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