Wetherlam via Black Sails

I had been intent on undertaking this walk ever since doing it last year, mostly in thick cloud.  This time the promised wall-to-wall sunshine didn't completely materialise, but conditions were nevertheless a lot better, especially towards the east, so fair do's, all in all.

The route was from Walna Scar Road car-park to Levers Water, then up the Black Sails ridge that runs along its eastern side.  On nearing Black Sails summit, I bypassed it, because the weather was clearer to the east, in the direction of Wetherlam.  Having duly visited that summit, I returned to the Black Sails one, which by now, although not exactly bathed in sunshine, had cleared sufficiently.  During these maneouvres, however, without realising it, I somehow inadvertently switched my camera mode from colour to black-and-white, as reflected in a number of the photos below.  (In my defence I was very preoccupied with having to take my gloves on and off for each shot and prevent them from being blown away while simultaneously operating the camera, all the while in truly Arctic-like conditions - the trouble one goes to for one's readers!)

Anyway, as the photos below of either variety hopefully indicate, the walk fulfilled every bit of its promise, as this time the cloud stayed off the route throughout, and thereby revealed many very fine winter panoramas all the way along.  All that was missing was for my usual walking companion Jim Mercer, once again unfortunately unavailable, to guide my steps unerringly at the end of the walk in the direction of that splendid watering-hole, the Coniston 'Sun' - I did think of undertaking this task myself, being aware that, although a tough job, someone should do it, but, regrettably, I wasn't confident enough of my path-finding skills for this part of the walk!

(Distance:  6.3 miles/10.1 km.  Ascent:  2291 ft./698 m.  Highest point (Wetherlam):  2502 ft./762m.)

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