Arthur's and Bonscale Pikes

Originally scheduled for the more inclement conditions prevailing on the previous day, it was thanks to the excellent weather-forecasting skills of Janet Mercer that this outing occurred instead in brilliant sunshine, warm temperatures and the occasional cooling breeze!
Arthur’s and Bonscale Pikes form the bulk of the high ground between the Pooley Bridge to Howtown section of the Ullswater shoreline. A very easy and scenic approach was made by starting from Howtown and walking along a gradually rising path near the lake shore. We then doubled back and up to the ‘ramp’ leading on to the summit of Arthur’s Pike, with still only relatively mild gradients to contend with, to have lunch at the ‘tower’ near the summit cairn, a truly delectable viewing spot!
Then, after some crafty navigation involving ‘triangulation’ with various watering holes on the opposite shore, my trusty companion Jim Mercer confirmed that the top of Swarthbeck Gill was still to be traversed in order to gain Bonscale Pike, which we therefore duly did, with the terrain continuing to be very easy going.
Once the towers that have also been built near the summit of this pike were reached, there were even more stunning views than previously of Ullswater and its fells to the south, as well as down into Howtown ‘bay’. Descent was made from there by a steep but grassy path affording fine views of, especially, Hallin Fell, Fusedale, Steel Knotts, Bannerdale, Beda Fell, Boredale and Place Fell, as well as of the Howtown area.
All in all, it is hard to imagine any other walk in the area that provides a more worthwhile combination of spectacular views of the lake and its surrounding fells in return for such little effort. These qualities were enhanced even more thanks to the excellent companionship of Jim and ‘Sooty’!
(Highest point (Arthur’s Pike): 1747 ft./532 m. Distance: 4.41 miles/ 7 km. Ascent: 1557 ft./ 474 m.)

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