Dow Crag

I had long waited for an opportunity to repeat this walk, first done in 2013, in better weather than on that occasion, and luckily this time reasonably sunny conditions held nearly all the way round.  The main attraction is the chance to get 'up close and personal' with Dow Crag's magnificent rocky eastern face, without any real danger of the kind that rock-climbing (even if I knew how) would inevitably incur (an ominous looking stretcher-box is in view for much of the main part of the walk!).

The route was once again from Walna Scar car park along Walna Scar Road to the junction with the path to Goat's Water.  Then, on reaching Goat's Water, straight up the scree from its western shore to near Easy Gully ('easy' only for rock-climbers!).  From here the entrance to South Rake comes into view, slanting upwards to the left.  Although a steep and rocky scramble, nowhere is there a feeling of being exposed, and the going was even more straightforward this time than last due to it being much drier underfoot.

Emerging at the top one can savour firstly the glories of distant Dunnerdale to the west and the far-off but still imposing Scafell range to the north, and then, for the next quarter mile or so, peer down to Goat's Water and over to the western slope of Coniston Old Man from the wonderfully precipitous cliff edge extending north all the way to the summit and beyond (just so long as not too windy for safety, which again was another feature of the excellent conditions prevailing on this occasion).

Descent was down the north-east shoulder of the mountain to Goat's Water Hause, and thereby on to the eastern shore of the tarn and so back to the car-park, with great panoramas of the eastern face the whole way.  A great day out once again!

(Highest point: - Dow Crag 2553 ft/ 778 m. Distance: 5.2 miles/ 8.4 km. Ascent: 1876 ft./ 571 m.)

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