High Street Skyline

This was a splendid walk in early autumn sunshine, allowing a leisurely exploration of many of the highlights of the High Street massif.  It began at Hartsop village, going from there along Pasture Bottom (between Grey Crag and Caudale Moor) to Threshthwaite Mouth - the 'hause' between Pasture Bottom and Troutbeck.  The next stage was the steep and somewhat slippery ascent to Thornthwaite Beacon.  From here began the heart of the matter, i.e., after proceeding to High Street summit, a chance to survey many of the principal very fine panoramas that various parts of the High Street summit area yields.

First in line were the views down towards Blea Water and the Long Stile ridge bordering the south of Riggindale and leading down to Haweswater;  then came the panoramas of Riggindale itself from the Straits of Riggindale;  then up to Kidsty Pike and beyond it, overhanging Riggindale, to Kidsty Howes, with fine views northwards over to Harter Fell;  from there to High Raise, where the long sweep of Ramps Gill towards Martindale came much into evidence;  thence to Rampsgill Head with its fine crags and extensive views of westward fells;  and finally to The Knott, with glimpses of Hayeswater from its western summit area.

The amount of effort expended in reaching the area where these wonderful views were obtained was very little in contrast to the reward they provided, especially in such ideal weather conditions.  Not for the first time by any means, it felt like a very great privilege to once again enjoy such an elevated (in every sense) fell-walking opportunity!

(Highest point (High Street): 2717 ft/ 828 m. Distance: 10.2 miles/ 16.4 km. Ascent: 3523ft./ 1073 m.)

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