Catbells-Dale Head-Hindscarth

This outing was yet another chance to savour the pleasures afforded by the current lengthy spell of early autumn sunshine, and was thus once again on the lengthy side, but in such conditions and amidst such fine scenery, all the more enjoyable for it!

Having parked at the northern tip of Catbells, the walk went first to Catbells summit via Skelgill Bank, and then, after crossing over the slight depression at Hause Gate, on, via a gradual ascent of the subsequent long, rising ridge, to Maiden Moor and High Spy.  From here it was down to Dale Head tarn and then up the steep (but well-paved) pull to Dale Head summit.  The last stages comprised crossing over, via Hindscarth Edge, to Hindscarth proper, thence down to the delights of Scope End, through Little Town (were some welcome light refreshment was had) and on finally to the path from there to Skelgill Farm and my car.

A certain amount of mist lingered on in most directions throughout the day, and gradually worsened to the south, with the result that not quite as many shots of the very fine scenery this walk involves at all stages could be taken.  But there were relatively clear (and warm) conditions all the way to Dale Head summit and just beyond, so no complaints, all in all!

(Highest point (Dale Head): 2470 ft/ 753 m. Distance: 9.8 miles/ 15.8 km. Ascent: 3302ft./ 1006 m.)

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