Brock Crags and Angletarn Pikes

This was a very welcome return to the fells, after several months enforced absence, due to house-moving and bad weather.  Searching for a gentle start, and a walk that would still hopefully yield good views despite the rather gloomy weather, I lighted on this old favourite, and, once again, it did not disappoint.

The ascent was from Hartsop village to the Filter House, and then diagonally up from there, first to the right, then to the left, until the 'outriders' of Brock Crags were reached, and from there to Brock Crags summit.  For the sake of variety, the route then proceeded north along the western side of Angle Tarn, where lunch was enjoyed by the shore, albeit in the company of a group of very noisy Canada geese!  After lunch I ambled up to the northern end of the main path that runs along the eastern side of Angle Tarn, and thence further north to the great contouring section at Dubhow Brow.  After that, to further admire the views, I went 'off piste' to Dubhow and Rake Crags, before returning to the main path and thence back down via Boredale Hause to south Patterdale and Hartsop village once more.

The cloudy conditions meant that vistas were not of the finest, but towards the south the lack of strong sunshine actually made the views better than they would have otherwise been, and all in all, as the video and photos below hopefully show, there were some very fine panoramas to be seen of the many wonderful fells in this area, not to mention of Brothers Water and the southern tip of Ullswater as well.  A much longed-for return to the fells thus very enjoyably completed!

[Distance:  6.2 miles, 10 km.  Highest point:  1809 ft., 551 m.  Total ascent:   1919 ft., 585 m.]

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