Fairfield and St Sunday Crag

Having let 8 years go by since last acquainting myself with the ascent of Fairfield from Deepdale, I decided it was high time to do so again, and on this occasion to make the return journey via Cofa Pike and St Sunday Crag, instead of by way of Hart Crag and Hartsop-above-How.

It is very rare to meet anyone else on the way into Deepdale, and so it proved once again.  After making my solitary way to the foot of Greenhow End I began the trackless and steep ascent diagonally left just below its main crags, then turning right into the even steeper gully that leads eventually to the top of the Step.  There I sauntered along the short arĂȘte back towards and overlooking Deepdale, a spot which provided a good base for lunch.

After lunch it was up towards Fairfield summit proper, via the path that skirts the rim of its western crags, with fine views down various rocky gullies and over towards Cofa Pike and St Sunday Crag.  Then across the summit plateau with its views towards Windermere and then off it and down north-east over Cofa Pike, across Deepdale Hause and then up to St Sunday Crag summit, with plenty of good vistas towards the Helvellyn massif to the north and west and the crags of Fairfield to the south-east. The descent was via Gavel Pike and Lord's Seat to Wall End, and thence back to my parking spot at Bridgend.

Although the weather was not of the best, this was a walk filled with spectacular scenery, especially once the head 'wall' of Deepdale was reached at Greenhow End, as the photos below should indicate.  Memo to self:  don't leave it so long in future before revisiting such great suroundings once again!

[Distance:  7.2 miles, 11.6 km.  Highest point:   2864 ft., 873 m. (Fairfield).  Total ascent:  2943 ft., 897 m.]

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