Spreading of Alan's ashes

Alan's ashes were spread in the heart of the Lakes, a place very dear to him and a place where he spent many happy hours walking over the years.  The location we choose was a foothill above Martindale, a small church about 10 miles above Newby Bridge on Ulleswater Lake.  It is a very quiet, peaceful, scenic part of the Lakes, that Alan choose to scatter his favourite Aunt Betty's ashes several years earlier, and has the name of his twin brother Martin.  I think he would have approved of the choice, and can rest in peace there.  It is also a very tranquil but accessible place for family to visit and reflect.  His ashes were scattered on Mary's birthday, the 26 June, 2017, with his friends Tom Hutchinson, Eunice Hutchinson and Marlu Vilches.  Two weeks later Robert, Mary and Sooty visited the site again,  From the way Sooty ran about, it was clear he remembered his many trips to the Lakes with Alan.

Visit the tribute "In memory of Alan Waters" at Lancaster University and the ELT Symposium in his honour

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