A High Raise Round (from Stonethwaite)

The route followed was one recommended by Graham Dugdale in his excellent “Walk This Way” series in the Lancaster Guardian, departing from the beautiful village of Stonethwaite in Borrowdale, up by Greenup Gill, over Lining Crag and thence via Greenup Edge to Low White Stones and High Raise. Descent from there via Sergeant and Eagle Crags. The ascent to the foot of Lining Crag is especially gentle, and the many ”forces” (waterfalls) on the way are a great attraction. Pushing on to High Raise gives the most central panorama of all the main LD peaks, and so is well worth it on that account, though, if time is short (e.g., because there is footie on the telly and in the mad rush to get to the fells it was forgotten to set the video-recorder!), making one’s way from the base of Lining Crag or thereabouts by forging a path south-west and then north onto the ridge that leads to Sergeant Crag still ensures the primary drama of the day is not missed, but saves a good 90 mins. or so, plus the concomitant effort. For it is in many ways these two fine crags which provide the most spectacular views of the walk, towering steeply as they do above both Langstrathdale on one side and Greenup Gill on the other, and with a particularly interesting, mazy descent down the precipitous western and northern slopes of Eagle Crag. At the bottom is the delightful confluence of Langstrath Beck and Greenup Gill, refreshment both for the eye and thirsty throat. All in all, a walk that provides all that is best about Lake District hiking, especially in such fine weather! (Distance: 7.6 miles/12.2 km., ascent: 2800 ft./854 m.)

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