The route was up from the village of Threlkeld via Hall’s Fell, with its delectable ‘Narrow Edge’, and then down via the aptly-named Sharp Edge, followed by Scales Fell and thereby (eventually) back to the start. The dry, sunny and almost windless conditions were perfect for tackling the rocky ridges which made up the main parts of the walk. Hall’s Fell provides a marvellously direct route to the summit, with the main peak always in view ahead. Having reached the top, and after a brief saunter west across to Gategill Fell summit, I re-traced my steps eastwards and continued on to Foule Crag, soon bringing Sharp Edge into view.
As Wainwright says, ‘The sight of it at close quarters is sufficient to make a beholder about to tackle it forget all other worries, even a raging toothache’! Although shorter than Striding Edge, its nearest ‘rival’, it is more exposed and angular, and gives a greater sensation of detachment from all means of visible support below - a really great experience, especially the feeling of relief after having safely made it across! (Note: I was the only person going from west to east, or ‘down’ this ridge, the many others around at the time going in the opposite direction. While going ‘up’ has the advantage of a less initially intimidating approach, the benefit of my route was that it avoids a lengthy, relatively tedious ascent via the likes of Scales Fell.)
(Highest point: 2847 ft/ 868 m. Distance: 7.5 miles/12.1 km. Ascent: 3213 ft./ 979 m.)

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