Coniston Old Man

Great day out in the snows on Coniston Old Man (and on to Brim Fell and back), with Jim and Sarah Mercer, and, of course, young Sooty!
Ascent was from Walna Scar Road, near the turn off to Bursting Stone Quarry, trending north-west then due north. After lunching at the summit, we walked on to Brim Fell to admire the spectacular snow formations on the connecting ridge and the glorious panorama of the neighbouring fells, especially Dow Crag, the Wetherlam massif and, more distantly, the Scafell range.
On return to the Coniston Old Man summit, the original intention was to go back down via Coppermines Valley, but this plan was thwarted by the amount of packed snow and ice still present throughout the very steep path. Descent was therefore instead by roughly the same route as the ascent, and much gentler and good deal less snowy prospect. I say ‘roughly’ advisedly, however, as the snow made the path difficult to locate at times, and despite the obvious route involving no more than a continuous trending downwards and to the left, mutinous mutterings were audible from time to time, thereby almost - but only almost! - undermining the guide’s faith in his navigational abilities. However, by sticking resolutely to the plan, in due course the Walna Scar Road was regained, and Mafeking was relieved accordingly!
Once again, another day of the best Lakeland walking has to offer, in great company!
(Highest point (Coniston Old Man): 2635 ft./803 m. Distance: 4.6 miles/ 7.3 km. Ascent: 2410 ft./ 734 m.)
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