Dove Crag

The ascent was from Patterdale, by the path that contours gradually up Dovedale along the southern slope of Hartsop above How, all the time with ever finer views of the fell ahead, and, increasingly, above. Then the steep pull up to the depression between the summit and Hart Crag, with a brief side-trip to Priest’s Hole. On to the summit, and then down via High Bakestones, Little Hart Crag and High Hartsop Dodd. Due to having clear skies or, even better, only high clouds most of the way, views were excellent in all directions. The ascent up Dovedale is especially fine, reminiscent of the climb up Mosedale to Black Sail Pass, because of its fine semi-circular sweep and the “battlements” of rock and cliff topping most parts of the sky-line. In addition, however, Dovedale also offers fine waterfalls and a very impressive rock landscape. Distance: 7.06 miles/11.4 km; height: 2726 ft./831m.

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