Fairfield via Deepdale

This way up Fairfield is "the one less travelled by", as it is both mostly pathless and rather steep. However, the "up close and personal" encounter with Fairfield's northern crags which it provides is well worth the effort. The route went from Deepdale Bridge to the head of the valley, then round and up the north-eastern side of Greenhow End, turning north in Link Cove to gain access to The Step via a stony gully, and from there, with great views of the northern cliffs and of Cofa Pike and St Sunday Crag en passant, to the summit. Back down via Hart Crag and Hartsop above How. The heat mist obscured distant views on some parts of the walk, but the rocky magnificence of Fairfield's north face was always visible in all its wonderful drama. Distance: 6.53 miles/10.5 km; height: 2640 ft./804m.

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