Great Gable

This outing was the latest in a memorable series of ‘Mercer-Waters Herdwickian Lake District Walks’ (see also, e.g., here), i.e., not quite aimless rambles, but also very far from just ‘straight-up-and-downers’!
Easter Sunday was a very appropriate date for it, the event being something of a miracle not only for its clear, sunny weather but also in terms of the length of its planning (more than two years, due to ‘the wrong kind of weather’ at the times of availability of key team-members), as well as the relative ease and speed with which we all made it safely out and back!
The starting point was Honister Hause, up the old quarry tram-way to the ruins of its drum-house, and then left along Moses’ Trod to Beck Head. From here an exhilarating/scenic/arduous/knackering (depending on your point of view!) ascent was made to the summit, with lunch near the Westmoreland Cairn, accompanied by superb views in all directions.
Descent was made down the eastern path to an amazingly windless Windy Gap, then briefly up to Green Gable. At the start of this part of the walk, another of the day’s minor miracles occurred. This was the encountering of a group of blind persons and their carers on their way up to the summit. The rocky terrain here is hard even for a sighted person to negotiate safely. It was therefore all the more impressive to see it being traversed sightlessly. One hopes that, although deprived of the glories of direct views from the top, these brave blind people were able to get some sense of them by running their fingers over the embossed map of the area on the war memorial at the summit cairn. Their sense of achievement should in any case be very great, of course.
Thereafter a leisurely stroll back again to Moses’ Trod, and eventually down to Honister Hause once more. Unbeatable views throughout most of the walk towards the west, comprising the entire lengths of the Buttermere, Crummock Water and Ennerdale valleys, and later, over to the distant Langdales peaks, the Scafells and much of the upper reaches of the Mosedale Horseshoe fells. With excellent companionship to boot, this was indeed a magical day out!
(Highest point: 2949 ft/899 m. Distance: 6 miles/9.6 km. Ascent: 2500 ft./760 m.)

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