Harter Fell & Kentmere Pike

This walk was in the excellent company of two Longsleddale residents, Jim and Sarah Mercer, in lieu of once again having had to postpone a long-planned joint assault on Great Gable, due to the snowy and icy conditions. The first part - from Sadgill up to Harter Fell - is one that Wainwright says ‘Nonagenarians will find... eminently suitable’. However, despite the relative ease of the route, the summit edge from Adam’s Seat to its western tip, where the descent to Nan Bield Pass begins, offers a panorama to the north and west which is hard to rival anywhere else in Lakeland. For here the ground suddenly falls away to offer wonderful views of, respectively, the High Street massif and its satellite tarns of Blea and Small Water, as well as the long, Ullswater-like snake of Haweswater receding northward, and then also the great linked three-peak skyline of Yoke, Ill Bell and Froswick, with the dark pool of Kentmere Reservoir below. As Wainwright also says, ‘one of the noblest mountain scenes in the district’. The snowy conditions added even more drama to the views. The return was via Kentmere Pike (where the snow had frequently drifted up to the top of the wall), with continuing fine scenes all along the way in the direction of the Kentmere fells. Great Gable it may not have been, but definitely a great day out!
(Highest point: 2539 ft/ 774 m. Distance: 7.7 miles/12.4 km. Ascent: 2222 ft./ 677 m.)

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